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Welcome to Victoria Compounding Pharmacy

Welcome to Victoria Compounding Pharmacy

Celebrating Over 100 Years of Compounding Excellence

We follow the Canadian Federal and Provincial Standards for Pharmaceutical Compounding and have been producing high quality compounded preparations for over 100 years. At Victoria Compounding Pharmacy our commitment is to provide the highest level of customer service and products of unequaled quality. In the simplest terms we help Physicians and Patients solve medication problems.

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Benefits of Using Victoria Compounding Pharmacy

Unique Medication Strengths

A medicine may be available only in one or two strengths. However, your doctor may find that the best dose is not one of those. We can prepare a dosage form that will contain whatever amount your doctor orders. You don't have to take too much medicine which could cause adverse effects or too little which may not work for you.

Unique Dosage Forms

Medicines often are available only in tablets or capsules. But infants and individuals with swallowing difficulties may need a liquid, suppository or other dosage form. We can make these dosage forms to contain the medicines people need.

Unavailable Medications

Pharmaceutical companies may stop making products for which there is a limited demand. If we can obtain the medicine in its chemical form, we can compound it for you.

Bad Tasting Medicine

Some individuals will not take a medicine because of bad taste. This is a special problem when a medicine must be taken for several months or years to control a chronic health problem. We can prepare dosage forms in flavors that people like. We have 40 different flavours (from peppermint to orange-guava-melon).

Veterinary Compounding

Animals like humans require specialized pharmaceutical services. We can create exact doses based on your pets size/weight, create special injections and also formulate special eye drops that can be used to treat your pet.


Commercial medicines may contain flavors, preservatives, dyes and binders. If a patient is allergic to any one of these ingredients using that medicine could result in unpleasant or life-threatening reactions. We can prepare medicines that are free of materials to which a patient is known to be allergic.

Sorry, we do not fill international or US prescriptions.

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